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Ways to increase site conversion

The conversion of a site - is the ratio of the number of its visitors who have achieved certain goals to the total number of visits made over a certain period of time.

An increase in website conversion is identical to an increase in sales of goods and services, as well as a reduction in the cost of attracting targeted visitors, which leads to an increase in profits.


The main ways to increase site conversion:


1. Minimizing page loading time.

In our age of insane speeds and lack of time, it is recognized that Internet users are very impatient. If the page loading time exceeds 3 seconds, then most people will not wait for the end of the process, but will go to another faster resource.

In addition, the website loading speed is an important indicator in its rankings by search engines Yandex and Google. So, all other things being equal, Google will place the site that loads faster in the search results above.

It is possible to achieve a significant reduction in page loading time by reducing the number of graphic images, scripts, plugins, modules, advertising banners, attendance counters and Html code of third-party services placed on them. In addition, the remaining images need to be reduced in size and optimized (compress the file itself).


2. Indication of the contact phone number in a prominent place.

It is mandatory to indicate in the "header" and "basement" of the site (upper and lower elements) the contact phone number and email address. In addition, place the "order a callback" button on all the leading pages. Visitors who have visited the resource should have a desire to call or write a letter to ask a question or place an order.


3. Publishing information about the best product or service.

Periodically, on the main page, in specially designated places, place, for example, the following headings: "every tenth customer can create a turnkey site for free", "two additional services as a gift", "exclusive", "new collection", "promotion with 20% discount".


4. Placement of offers that cannot be refused.

Each visitor should be given to understand why he should choose your company, and not any of the direct competitors. Inform them that you have, for example, the cost of creating a site is less than 30 thousand rubles, free shipping, seasonal 30% discounts, special conditions, and it is desirable to do this on all leading pages.


5. Creating the right structure and convenient navigation.

According to the conducted research, most visitors visually scan the page in the following order: first the upper left zone, then the center, then the left part of the window. Everything on the screen on the right is usually ignored.

Therefore, when developing the structure of the site and its navigation, it is important to take these points into account. If the resource is already "old", then appropriate adjustments must be made to its design.


6. Removing unnecessary content from the pages.

On the site, the main element should be a well-written text. Everything else is auxiliary attributes. Go through each of the leading pages in detail and remove all unnecessary things that interfere with the perception of "selling" information.


7. Getting the contact details of visitors.

Create conditions so that visitors leave their E-mail addresses and phone numbers (for example, register, ask a question or order a callback). Thus, you will have the opportunity to periodically send advertising information to potential customers about new arrivals, "hot" discounts, seasonal sales and quizzes with the issuance of gifts.


8. Informing visitors about their benefits.

It must be remembered that all people are concerned only with their own interests, desires and problems. Therefore, they should find information on the site that will convince them that it is you who will be able to satisfy their desires and solve their problems. In this case, there will be much more people who want to order a service from you or buy a product.


9. Using multimedia elements.

Modern people are very lazy creatures, and reading - is a difficult and tedious process for them, and you also need to force yourself to think. It is easier for them to perceive information that is presented in video format. However, texts must be present without fail, and video materials as an addition.

In the video clip, you can show how a particular product really looks, demonstrate it in action, and also tell about its advantages. Believe me, it is very effective!

Ways to increase site conversion