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The visibility of a website in search engines

Site visibility is a value that determines the number of impressions for the selected list of thematic queries based on the resource's position in the search results. The higher it is, the more users will be able to see the website when performing search queries. The extent to which an Internet project is visible in search engines is calculated as the ratio of its current visibility (effective impressions) to the maximum.


The visibility of a website consists of the following:

• increased frequency of request;

• the position of the website for this request;

• coefficient depending on the position;

• the coefficient of the popularity of search engines.


Query frequency is the number of specific search queries made by users per month.

The site's position in the search results is a line that contains a link to the resource page in the search results.

The ratio of the position - difference in the density of the user's attention between the first and tenth links at the TOP.


The value of the position coefficient is as follows:

1-3 place - 1;

4 place - 0.85;

5 - 0,6;

6-7 - 0,5;

8-9 - 0,3;

10 - 0,2;

>10 - 0,05;

not in the TOP 100 - 0.


Search engine popularity coefficient - the ratio of the number of users of one search engine to the number of users of another.

The maximum is the number of times users will see the website if it is in the first position for the selected query.

Current - this is how many times users will see it for a particular query, based on the position it occupies.

Overall site visibility - the ratio of the number of effective impressions in all search engines to their maximum number.


How do I find out site visibility?


On the Internet, there are many different services for checking the position of a website in the search results of different search engines, which also calculate values for its popularity:

Xtool.Ru - is a good free service that will give you a complete picture of your website in two minutes online.

Line.PR-CY.Ru/projects/ - is a great paid tool that you can use to monitor website positions.

Allpositions.Ru - for a fee will show the success of the web project in Yandex and Google, as well as its visibility.


General tips to increase the visibility of your site:


1. The project must have a mobile version. If it is not available, then this issue must be resolved immediately.


2. Built into the texts on web pages, a keyword phrase with a geographic reference. For example, instead of using the subtitle "Creating a turnkey website", use - "Website development in Moscow". This will improve the results in local search, as well as attract an additional target audience.


3. Publish only text content with high uniqueness (more than 85%) written for people, which uses meaningful keywords, and not only their exact matches with commercial search queries.


4. Periodically update content (add and change text, replace images/photographs).


5. Post attractive, high-quality and unique images. Don't forget to assign meaningful names to images and fill in the description line (Alt-tag).


6. Produce and publish YouTube videos. Duplicate them on your resource.


7. Periodically post on third-party web sites: news, press releases and reviews about products sold or services provided.


8. Instagram Facebook, Odnoklassniki, My World, create profiles in social networks VKontakte, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Declare your business to the whole world. If you post two notes every day for two months with a mandatory link to the main page of the site, you can get decent traffic from social networks (20-40 visitors per day).


9. Make sure that the website is linked to resources with high indicators of ICS (site quality index) and trustworthiness. This will increase the confidence of search engines in the project. External perpetual links can be purchased on link exchanges (a high-quality thematic anchor link in a review article costs from 700 rubles).


10. Perform the necessary work to improve the usability of the site. Make it easy to navigate and link pages internally. Do not overload the resource with advertising banners (try not to place them at all). Optimize your graphic content to increase the loading speed of your web pages.

Site visibility in search engines