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Site rating

Any web-site owner wants to increase its rating. However, not everyone knows what needs to be done in order for the site's rating to grow. First of all, it is necessary to understand how this concept is interpreted by search systems.

The search engine robot, while analyzing the site, displays the information in the search results that is contained on the page, its name and description. With a successful presentation of the resource, it will arouse the interest of users, and they will actively "click" on the link, thereby increasing the site's rating.

When a user types a query in the search bar, the system displays a list of results. There is a short description under each link. It depends on how much this description will interest the user, whether he will click on this footnote or not. If a web page is "clicked", a note about the link selection appears on the server in the database. The indicators of the Internet project are growing due to this. The more often you click through to the pages of a resource, the more popular it is considered. The ranking of the site is also affected by the time of visitors stay on it. Search engines determine the highest places for those pages that are most frequently visited. Therefore, the owner of the resource should be interested in frequent transitions to the pages of his website, and for this, when developing it, you need to pay great attention to: navigation, structure, text and graphic content, title, description, title and subheadings on each page.

By assigning a certain rank to a site, the search engine takes into account its ratio to other resources located in the database-index. This process is called ranking - it displays the position of the website in the search engine rating.

According to the user's search query, the results are given in the order of decreasing relevance. And the main criterion for determining relevance is whether the page matches the query. If the site does not get into the top ten results of the search queries (TOP 10), then you do not have to dream about a large number of visitors (few people view the results on the second and subsequent pages).

It is also very important that the resource has high-quality external links.


The rating of a site - is its popularity, weight and authority in the eyes of search engines.

There is a world rating and a Russian one. They differ: different languages, the audience of visitors and a serious lag in the development of the Russian Internet ("runet") from the World ("burzhunet").

The rank of a web-site is determined based on statistical data on: attendance, audience, session duration (visit time), viewing depth, content popularity, and the number of external links.

The world one is set by the Alexa service, and the Russian one is set by LiveInternet.


The main factors influencing the site's rating:


1. Uniqueness, literacy and readability of texts.

2. The title and description of the pages.

3. The presence of key phrases.

4. Keyword density.

5. Internal links (linking).

6. Compliance with thematicity (articles should be linked by one topic).

7. External links.

8. Age of the domain.

9. Traffic (search traffic).


Ways to improve the site's rating, and who can carry out the necessary activities:


publishing unique, interesting and reliable content on the pages (self-writing, ordering articles from a professional copywriter or buying ready-made texts on content exchanges);

placement of information and review articles on thematic and authoritative sites with a link to the original source, that is, to the sections of your web project (this issue can be solved yourself by purchasing links on reference exchanges or finding a performer on a specialized freelance exchange);

conducting internal search engine optimization of the site (hires an SEO-specialist or tries to figure it out and do it yourself);

increase your presence in social networks (solve the issue yourself or attract an SMO-specialist for this);

organization and conduct of an advertising campaign (if you have sufficient financial resources, everything will be designed and launched by advertising network specialists for you).

Site rating