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Site promotion in the Yandex search engine

What is the first position of the site in the search results?

First, it is a constant and guaranteed influx of targeted visitors to the website, some of whom may become potential customers or buyers.

Secondly, it is trust and respect directly for the resource, brand and company.

Thirdly, this is evidence that an experienced and knowledgeable seo-optimizer has been involved in cooperation.


When you need to find any information about a service, product or event on the Internet, people use search engines: Yandex, Google, Rambler, Mail, Bing and others. In the search bar of any browser, a query is typed and from the numerous search results, the desired one is viewed and selected. As a rule, the user pays his attention only to the first 5 positions, the second and subsequent pages of the output results are usually not watched by anyone (this is troublesome and takes a lot of time). More than 500 million people around the world do this every day. In Russia, the undisputed leader in this issue is the Yandex search engine, its search share is about 60%.


In this regard, the priority direction in the promotion of any internet-project is the search engine promotion of the site in Yandex.

However, in this case, a competent approach is needed. It is necessary to take into account the current regulations, rules and requirements of the Yandex search engine. Independent promotion of the site without certain knowledge of the ranking factors of resources by the Yandex search system can lead to the opposite result, and in the worst case, the application of all sorts of filters to the site and even a "ban" - its forced exclusion from the index.

Therefore, the promotion of the site in Yandex will be effective only with professional and skillful actions. It is better if experienced seo-specialists, for example, the web-studio of Alexander Ivanov, will deal with this issue.


What factors of ranking sites in Yandex should be taken into account in order to get to the top positions of search results (in the TOP 10). There are a lot of them, both internal (they can be influenced) and external. The latter are becoming more and more, with each new change in the algorithms of the search system, as Yandex strives to make the search results for users' queries as relevant as possible.


For effective promotion in Yandex search, it is necessary to adhere to the main rule – the site should be created for people, not for robots, for a certain target audience, who, having found answers to their questions on its pages, will visit it regularly.

To achieve this goal, it is necessary that the site is as clear and simple as possible for any visitor, it must have a logical structure and navigation, beautifully designed pages, useful information in sufficient volume and easy to read form. Much attention should be paid to the posted content (texts, pictures, photos, audio and video materials) - it should be informational and unique, published on the Internet for the first time and have the status of an author's primary source. If the texts contain links to any third-party resources, then they must be authoritative and close to the subject of your project. If the content posted on the web-site is in demand and as its popularity grows, these authoritative trust sites will post backlinks to your site, which will help redirect their visitors to you. Moreover, the higher the X index (quality index) of these donor sites, the more credibility your project will receive.


When taking measures to develop the site, take into account the fact that Russians (the main users of the Yandex search engine) have significantly decreased the level of mentality, education, desires and priorities in recent years, and as a result (unfortunately), the information published on web-pages is written by copywriters for such search queries as (the frequency of requests per month):

order pizza - 76.000;

• i want a woman now - 11.900;

• alcohol at night - 11.000;

• alcohol delivery at night - 3.700.


This is the official data obtained when using the Yandex-Vordstat tool.

But, for example, only 6 requests of such a plan as the "scheme of a simple perpetual motion machine" are made per month.

It follows that the informative, scientific and interesting information published on various resources is being displaced from the Internet by texts with the above keywords and the like. The reason is as simple as a balloon - highly artistic and intellectual articles do not contribute to the growth of sales of services and goods, and increase commercial profits. As a result, such texts are not interesting not to sellers, not to buyers, that is, 95% of the population of Russia.


Basic rules for site promotion in the Yandex search engine:


1. It is necessary to determine the future target audience of the site, and make the web project as useful and convenient as possible for it.


2. Published articles should be: voluminous (6.000-8.000 characters), structured, unique (more than 95%), literate, readable, seo-optimized, have a title and subheadings. If you need a "selling" site, then the level of text content should correspond to the mentality of the target audience.


3. On the pages that are planned to be promoted in the search, there should be an ideal order, namely

• the correct and short url;

• name (up to 50 characters long);

• description (no more than 155 characters);

• text:

- written by the method of copywriting;

- it is saturated with key phrases corresponding to high-frequency and medium-frequency search queries;

- have seo-parameters:

- the frequency of identical words - 2.2-2.8%;

- academic nausea - less than 7.0%;

- the number of stop words - no more than 3.8%;

• title (H1 tag in bold);

• subheadings (H2-H6 tags in bold);

• one or three graphic images;

• the name of the images (Alt-tag).


4. The site must be voluminous - more than 200 pages. Since the Yandex search engine evaluates the resource as a whole, and Google - page by page.


5. The web-site should have a lot of natural external links, preferably from similar trust-themed donor sites (more than 30 pieces for each promoted page). Of these, there should be more than 60% of non - anchor links, and less than 40% of anchor links.


However, it should be noted that even with the consistent application of these rules, site promotion in the Yandex search engine is not an easy task, especially if you are a novice webmaster and have chosen the option of self-promotion of the site.

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