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Site promotion in social networks

Social communication networks are a huge audience in terms of number. Individual users spend on such resources their regular time, and almost no use of the search engine Yandex, or Google, and used to search internal social networking services.

The information in them spreads at a cosmic speed and it is natural that the effect of promoting a website in social networks can exceed any expectations.

Site promotion in social networks is a set of activities aimed at attracting an audience from these sites to a developing business project. Working with a social network as a tool for promoting a website allows you to form a large community of brand fans from a loyal group of users and provides a unique opportunity for direct contact with them.


What does the web-site promotion offer in social networks?


• Instant dissemination of information about the company, its services provided or goods sold on social platforms with a million daily attendance.

• Formation of a permanent audience (the peculiarity of users of social communication networks is that most of them are guaranteed to return to your resource).

• Increased brand awareness (the buyer is more willing to pay for a famous trademark; information about the company on the pages of friends, groups and in news feeds leads to an increase in the popularity of the brand and, accordingly, to an increase in sales of goods/services).

• The ability to analyze the demand of the target audience (you can instantly get data on the quality of products or services, which improves relations with customers and gives them the opportunity to offer them what they need).

• The growth of the site's position in the search results (posts, reposts and likes have a positive impact on the ranking factors of the site in Google and Yandex, so that it will always be among the leaders).

• The viral effect is the process when users of social networks communicate and show each other your advertising, which allows you to significantly save on its distribution.

• The prospect of web-site development (it is obvious that in the future social network resources will occupy an even larger niche in the internet marketing segment, so you should focus on these prospects and start a campaign to promote a web-project right now).


How does site promotion work in social networks?


The promotion of the site on network sites provides for many criteria for selecting the target audience: region of residence, age, gender, education, profession, hobbies.

For brand PR, specialists use various types of advertising with payment for impressions or clicks (transitions). From several options, the most suitable advertising is selected for solving the tasks set, and numerous selection criteria are used to form it for a specific target audience.

Thus, the promotion of a web-site in social networks will tell a lot of potential buyers/customers about your company, product or service. Another important point is that the cost of promoting the project on network resources is much lower than the cost of advertising, for example, in Yandex-Direct.


What does the web-studio of Alexander Ivanov offer in this direction?


• Website promotion in social networks will not be effective without the right strategy, a competent and unique content created specifically target visitors as well as permanent monitoring of the position of the website in the search results Yandex and Google. It is this set of services that the web studio implements.

• I guarantee not only the expansion of the target audience, but also a specific result in the form of an increase in potential buyers/customers. Initially, a deep audit of the site will be conducted and a plan of events for its promotion will be prepared, which will allow you to use tools that are effective for your project.

• The methods I offer are unique and have been tested on web-projects of various complexities. I will save your time and financial costs by doing all the work myself. If you have any questions, you will always be consulted and will be advised of additional services to achieve maximum results.


However, you can also do this work yourself, taking into account the recommendations given below.


A list of the main conditions for publishing notes in social networks that guarantee a significant increase in high-quality traffic to the site:


• a short text of the message with an intriguing content;

• the presence of an attractive picture;

• the presence of 3 links to the promoted site, one of which is to the main page;

• daily publication of one note (if two, then with an interval of 2 hours);

• simultaneous placement in all social networks at once (FaceBook, VKontakte, Twitter, Odnoklassniki, My World, Instagram);

• publication of notes before 13-00 Moscow time;

• the age of accounts in social networks should be more than three years (ideally);

• the minimum duration of the events is one month (only after two weeks positive results will begin to appear).

Site promotion in social networks