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Site maintenance

The priority activities of the web-studio are: creating and maintaining a site, search engine promotion and advertising. Our advantages are as follows: individual approach, affordable cost of services, qualified support, taking into account the special wishes of the customer. This makes our small studio stand out favorably from large companies, where the price of each action is clearly overstated, and the technical support service rarely responds to calls for help in time.


What does it mean to maintain a site?


It is quite easy to create a simple website. There are many design services and free templates on the Internet. But such a project is unlikely to take high positions in search engines, it will not even get into the first hundred (TOP 100). Unless it is completely in a unique field of activity, where there is no competition.

The main goal of the management and development of the site is "overtaking" of a majority of the competitors and achieve leading positions in Yandex/Google. Only this guarantees a constant flow of customers, buyers, partners. There are many ways to promote the site, but people still have to do this. It is impossible to automate this process, otherwise the results and efficiency of the invested funds will be minimal. However, we have experienced professionals who know how and what to do.

In addition, the management of the site by our employees ensures its convenience for visitors. We make sure that the user who clicked on the link is well-oriented, quickly finds the necessary information, buys or orders with maximum comfort for himself. This is not as easy as it seems - you need to regularly update the appearance of pages and internal sections.


As part of cooperation with us, you will receive:

filling pages with content;

posting fresh photos/videos;

replenishment of catalogs with goods;

moderation of comments, forum, blog;

connecting new payment systems;

revision and redesign of the resource;

improved interface (buttons, explanations, links);

detection and elimination of errors in the html-code.


If a substantive consultation is required, then we cannot cover all industries, be experts on technical, legal and economic problems. But we will make it so that current questions will be immediately sent to whom it is necessary, using modern means of communication (forwarded to messengers, Skype, WhatsApp, social networks, or just as a wish to call back).


Maintenance of websites of individuals


Owners of small businesses or creative individuals, as a rule, have specific requests. They want to make the site personal, display their vision of how an enterprise should look on the web, or create a unique personal image. Therefore, it is necessary to closely interact with the contractor and the customer at all stages. Even at the stage of creating a project, the developer finds out in detail what the client would like to place on its pages. Often, the customer provides photographic materials or videos from a private archive.

Further maintenance of the site is also associated with the implementation of non-standard requests, taking into account the identity of the customer. Here you will find a complete understanding in this regard, a willingness to work creatively. The employees of the web-studio try to reach mutual understanding create a favorable environment for the implementation of the requests of an entrepreneur or a creative person.


Maintenance of web-projects of public organizations


Having ordered the maintenance of the organization's site from us, you can count on high standards of administration. The specialists of the web-studio will make sure that the resource is always available, loads quickly, functions without "brakes" with a large number of simultaneous visitors. We take the necessary measures in a timely manner in the event of DDOS-attacks organized by competitors, which currently affects many company websites. You will be able to ask for help 24/7 if you notice any problems yourself.

Also, maintaining the official site implies regular study of technical issues. Planned: CMS (content management system/website) is updated to the latest version; additional modules/plugins are installed; new payment systems are connected.

You will determine which information to put in free access for visitors, and which only for employees of the organization/company holding certain positions. If necessary, we will configure the registration of users with their division into groups/categories with different access rights.


Site research


There are situations when everything seems to be in order on the pages, but there are few visitors, trade is sluggish. In such cases, it is worth analyzing the site, examining all its main parameters and preparing conclusions about why there are no sales. Determine what needs to be done to eliminate the shortcomings, and, if possible, immediately carry out urgent measures.

We provide such services and offer to order an audit if there are unclear problems. When using special services and programs, the analysis effectively identifies most errors.


The main disadvantages identified on a separate page are:

small amount of text (less than 3.000 characters);

a small number of keywords (less than 2%) or an overabundance of them (more than 5%, over-optimization);

excessive academic nausea of the document (more than 9%);

ignoring filling in seo-settings (title, description);

absence of keywords in the title and subheadings;

using the H1 tag more than once (used to highlight the title);

do not highlight subheadings in bold and H2-H6 tags;

placement of non-optimized graphic images (not compressed to the minimum file size, optimally - less than 50 Kb);

publishing a large number of images (including advertising banners);

no linking (hyperlinks to other pages);

a small number of external links (at least 20 pieces).


Advertising site


Site advertising requires a long, sometimes quite expensive campaign. But with a professional approach, it gives significant results.

The periodic launch of the display of advertisements provides a massive influx of new targeted visitors, it is only important to set up the campaign correctly. Social networks bring certain benefits, especially if the goods/services sold are designed for a youth audience. Traditional ads on virtual boards are less effective, but in certain industries, and they contribute. And direct cooperation with search engines (Yandex-Direct/Google-AdWords) is the most important direction.

As part of the site management, the advertising campaign is carried out in agreement with the customer. The budget is determined individually, depending on the scope of the company's activities, the intended goals and the current success of the web-project. It should be remembered that the best advertising does not replace such important elements as the quality of the product, its affordability, and the politeness of sellers. If trading is going well in a "real" store, but not very well via the Internet, then it makes sense to finance a large-scale advertising campaign on network sites.


If something remains unclear to you, ask us questions, we will be happy to answer. We hope that you will be convinced by the advantages of cooperation with the web-studio, and you will order the "site maintenance" service from us.

Site maintenance