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Site indexing in the Yandex search engine

Many webmasters face such a problem as slow indexing of new site pages in the Yandex search engine. The indexing period ranges from 5 to 40 days (by the way, in Google, with skillful actions, this process takes only 3 days).

This significantly reduces the effectiveness of website promotion, as well as conducting a successful fight against competitors, since this is directly related to the speed of indexing web pages (for example, informational articles, news, reviews).

In addition, it should be noted that any information quickly becomes outdated. Therefore, slow indexing of individual pages of the site can lead to the fact that the published content will no longer be relevant and interesting for Internet users.


To speed up the indexing of new site pages in the Yandex search engine, we recommend the following measures:


1. Using the Webmaster-Yandex tool - report a new website or created page.

To perform this procedure, you must have a registered mailbox (account).

In the "Indexing" section:

• in the "Page Reindexing" section, add the URLs of all the pages that need to be indexed;

• in the "Sitemap Files" section, add information about the site map (specify the full path to the file - sitemap.xml).


2. Using the Yandex. Directory service - in the "My organizations" section, make and send an application for free registration of a website in the directory.

If the subject of your Internet project does not contradict the requirements of the law and is not prohibited, then the probability of its getting into the directory is 99%.


3. Register a resource in Yandex-Metrica -, then confirm the administrative rights to the site and install the counter code on all its leading pages.

In this case, you additionally "highlight" your project in the Yandex search engine and get a high-quality tool for collecting and analyzing traffic statistics.


4. Try to get into the Yandex news feed. However, this is only possible for high-quality information resources that publish fresh materials on a daily basis.

Site indexing in Yandex