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Site indexing in the Google search engine

After sitting at the computer for ten evenings and creating a website for yourself, many are sure that tomorrow it will be taken into account by all search engines, will get to the top lines of search results and your phone will "glow" from calls from potential customers/customers. I will make you very sad - it is not so!

If you do not carry out certain work to solve this issue, then your Internet project will be ignored by search engine robots for a long time (up to 90 days). You need to help the resource quickly index and get into databases. Indexing the site in Google with properly conducted events takes only 5 days.


List of measures to speed up the indexing of site pages in the Google search engine:


1. Add a resource to the Google Search Console database -

To do this, you will need to register on this service, having a mailbox on and in the sections:

• "Settings" to confirm the ownership of the site;

• "URL check" specifies all the web pages of the project in turn and sends them for indexing;

• "Sitemap Files" add information about the sitemap by specifying the full path to the file - sitemap.xml.


2. Register a website in Google-Analytics - and confirm the administrative rights to it. So you will have a tool for collecting and analyzing project traffic statistics.

Site indexing in Google