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The creation of a site is inextricably linked with the solution of the issue of filling it with materials. Only high-quality texts lead visitors, hold their attention, push them to action that is beneficial to you. Thanks to the well-constructed sentences, key word/phrases and graphic elements, the website could be on the top of the search results Yandex and Google, and become successful. Therefore, you cannot save on text and graphic content.


Where to start: six tips for filling the site.


You have decided on the design of your web project. Navigation and menu items are well thought out, they are in their places. The question arises before you - what to do next?

It's time to start filling the site with content. It directly depends on the topic and goals (to convey information, to sell a product/service).


Six tips that will help you prepare useful, relevant and valuable information:


Tip 1. Seriously take care of the main page.

Think over the structure and highlight the key elements in order to retain visitors. If you offer a service, then write about its advantages. Or put announcements of interesting articles in a prominent place.


Tip 2. Place the menu items on all the leading pages.

It is important that any menu item is clickable and directs the user to the appropriate section filled with materials.


Tip 3. Tell us about the company/yourself.

It doesn't matter whether you want to sell a service/product or just share valuable knowledge. People want to know what kind of project is in front of them, what its mission is, who is at the head. The "About us" page may be opened rarely, but it should be.


Tip 4. Add a page in the form of a blog.

This is especially true for online stores. Expert evaluation gives a lot more buyers than direct advertising. First you need to gain trust and only then make an offer. Otherwise, you risk getting rejected.


Tip 5. Regularly update existing articles and add new ones.

Filling the site with materials is only half the case. We need to keep them up-to-date, check the accuracy of the facts. Some resources require daily updates (for example, news), but for most-only monthly monitoring is enough. Do not forget to make changes to the design every year.


Tip 6. Keywords and their density.

Search engine robots use them to determine the relevance of web-pages to search queries. Some webmasters create pages with a text volume of up to 2.500 characters, where there are 25-30 key phrases. Moreover, they are used in the form that determines the average and high frequency of user requests. Needless to say, such articles bring only robots to the website, and they do not buy services/goods.

Yes, keywords are necessary, but in a reasonable amount. Therefore, the web-studio of Alexander Ivanov is a profitable solution for those who want to get high-quality services for filling the site at a reasonable price.


Filling the site with graphic content.


Articles that are not supported by pictures are hard for visitors to perceive. Therefore, it is important to dilute the material with photos, images, and videos. The requirements for them are the same as for texts - quality and uniqueness are important. Then search robots will offer your graphic materials in the "pictures" section, which will attract an additional number of visitors to the web-site.

You can draw them yourself, buy ready-made ones, order them from a designer-illustrator or download them from other resources (that is, steal them). The choice is yours. I believe that the most convenient solution is to order a complex content of the site, which will include the purchase of texts and images. Then the entire amount of work falls not on you personally, but on the specialist, as well as the responsibility for selecting the right images that will look beautiful and harmoniously complement what is written.


Where can I get text and graphic content for the site?


Let's say that you have decided on what kind of content you need. Now you should decide: will you create it yourself or do you want to look for an artist? I recommend the second option, because it saves a lot of your time and effort. However, a limited financial budget forces you to fill the resource yourself. In this case, it remains only to correctly transmit information, checking it for uniqueness, spelling and punctuation errors before publication.

But you will be doing this work for a long time on your own. It is easier to order the writing of articles from a professional. You can find it through the search results pages for queries related to the content of the site.


There are four options for purchasing content for the site:


• Purchase of images on special exchanges.

There are enough such services. As a rule, they sell author's works in a batch version, at a price of 80-120 rubles per picture. This is very convenient because all the images will be made in the same style. I believe they will be high-quality, optimized, and, importantly, unique.


• Author from the exchange of articles.

The advantages are obvious: an acceptable price, a quality guarantee (otherwise you have the right to refuse to accept the order), transparency of the reputation/rating of the copywriter. The disadvantage is the time that you will spend on: finding a worthy performer and preparing technical tasks.

As an option, you can buy several ready-made articles (this is practiced on some exchanges), but, as a rule, they are of very poor quality (remember - you are buying a "pig in a poke").


• Freelance specialist in "free swimming".

He is a professional who can understand without words. His services are more expensive, but the articles are not obtained as an example of the previous version - it is better. The disadvantage lies in the fact that on the article exchanges you determine the deadlines for completing the task yourself, and a free creator can stretch the pleasure and send the finished article only after ten days. In fairness, I note that among them there are "diamonds", who still value the time and money of the customer, so they perform the work within the agreed time frame.


• Content manager or web studio.

This is an intermediary between the performers and the customer. Everything is done for you and "turnkey". However, this is the most financially costly way.

The best option is a web studio. You will not have to bother with the preparation of technical tasks, proofreading, editing and seo-optimization of articles, preparation of seo-parameters for pages and subsequent publication of materials on the resource.

In this case, you enter into an oral agreement or contract, pay money, and wait for the site to be filled. As a result, you get a ready-made web project with unique, interesting, relevant content. The pages will not just be re-read, but they will be bookmarked and visited again. And all this without your direct participation!


The cost of the service: how to calculate?


It's time to find out how much it costs to fill the site with information. Like other services related to the creation and maintenance of internet projects, this one requires an individual calculation.


The approximate cost is easy to find out at the consultation. If you contact me, I will take into account:

• the subject of the project;

• number of pages;

• the volume of each article;

• the need to purchase graphic elements (photos, pictures);

additional requests.


All the listed parameters are initially discussed with the client. I keep him up to date with everything, keep records of my actions and clearly demonstrate the changes. My main goal is to create the best project in my field. It should not just surpass competitors, but find its own "zest". This is what can be transmitted through texts and images.

And yet there is a calculation scheme that I recommend using. The cost of a decent copywriter's work on article exchanges starts from 110 rubles for 1.000 characters without taking into account spaces (performers from Ukraine and Belarus are cheaper, but, as a rule, with worse quality, when the budget allows, I do not apply to them!). It turns out that the price of one article with a volume of 7.000 characters will cost 800 rubles on average. Next, decide on the number of web pages, and that's how much money you will need to independently fill your project. Or you pay extra for my work and get a ready-made website with unique content.

Write to me or call me. A content plan for your web-project will be compiled tomorrow!

Site content