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On the internet today, the number of presented services for designing websites is so large that choosing the most convenient one turns into a very difficult task. It is quite difficult for a novice webmaster who has decided to independently comprehend the basics of site construction to decide on the best option for his specific tasks.

Let's look at several web-constructors and focus only on their advantages. You can learn about their shortcomings from the review articles published on my resource.


The list of widely used and popular website design services includes:


Site builder Tilda


Tilda - is a tool for creating: business card sites, landing pages, longreads and portfolios, the main element of which is a block-type visual editor with amazing functionality.

The platform was developed in Russia, the launch year is 2014. It uses fashionable technologies: block structure, flat design, parallax effect.

He is beautiful and pleasant to work with. A large set of functional features will amaze anyone, and women will simply be delighted with it.

This service would be the best among competitors, but the developers did not pay enough attention to the text editor, which is frankly primitive, which significantly spoils the overall impression of the web designer.


Advantages of the Tilda constructor:


1. Convenient and intuitive control panel.

2. Nice interface.

3. Stunning functionality.

4. All the module blocks are equipped with a large number of necessary settings.

5. A decent selection of high-quality ready-made themes.

6. Images that do not fall into the visitor's field of view are not loaded until the page scrolls down, which speeds up its loading.

7. The presence of an editor for creating your own blocks.

8. The presence of a free tariff plan, on the basis of which you can create a decent business card site with a volume of 10 pages for a contextual advertising campaign (you do not need to pay for a domain and hosting).


Site builder Jimdo


Jimdo - is one of the most "powerful" and advanced platforms for designing websites. The product is developed in Germany.

Templates are offered depending on the paid tariff plan. Simple design themes and a third-level domain are provided free of charge.

After paying for the tariff plan, you get a full range of opportunities for creating a website, from developing your own template, to using any of the large set of available ones, and for advanced users, access to HTML and CSS editing is provided.


Advantages of the Jimdo constructor:


1. Nice visual editor.

2. A lot of high-quality design themes.

3. Excellent and convenient functionality.

4. A large set of modules and blocks.

5. The presence of a powerful text editor (the best among competitors).

6. The created site runs on the secure Https protocol, which is used to support encryption in order to increase security.

7. Access to Html-code editing.


Site builder Vigbo


Vigbo (formerly called GoPhotoWeb) - is a service for selling ready-made web sites. After paying for one of the tariff plans, the user selects a template, configures it and fills it with content. It is always possible to change the initially selected design theme to another one, while previously posted photos, images and texts will remain unchanged.

The resource started working in 2010 and today has more than 20.000 subscribers.

Its main users are photographers, artists, make-up artists, illustrators, stylists, designers, jewelers.


Advantages of the Vigbo constructor:


1. The disk space used is not limited in size.

2. Very high speed of loading web pages.

3. A convenient and intuitive website management system.

4. The visual editor is full of useful options.

5. There is a library of ready-made blocks and modules.

6. The presence of the option "Enable photo copy protection".

7. Placement of elements with html code.


Site builder Mozello


Mozello - is a simplified tool for developing business card sites, blogs and modest online stores with minimal time and money (there is even a free tariff).

The software product was developed by a Latvian company.

The visual editor is simple and clear. The user has 48 ready-made templates at his disposal. However, it will be difficult to realize design ambitions - there are too few ready-made blocks and layouts and they are quite primitive.

No knowledge in the field of web programming is required.

The main fans of this web-designer will undoubtedly be women, and blondes will be crazy about it.


Advantages of the Mozello constructor:


1. The administrative control panel is simple and clear.

2. There is a full-fledged Russian version.

3. A solid selection of ready-made themes.

4. Availability of a fully functional free version.

5. Affordable price of paid tariffs.

6. The ability to work with Html-codes.

7. The text editor allows you to place tables.


Website builder Ukit


Ukit - is a purely commercial product aimed at small businesses. It is simple, clear, beautiful, has the necessary functionality for the development of web sites in the "Landing Page" format. The user's work on his project is simplified as much as possible. The developers have tried to make it pleasant and interesting.

The landing page consists only of landing pages with a high conversion rate, but unlike other types of websites, it is practically not amenable to seo-optimization and effective promotion in search engines.

Such business projects are created for large-scale advertising campaigns, with the aim of quickly selling a specific product or service.


Advantages of the Ukit constructor:


1. There is a seven-day trial period with the possibility of using the full functionality.

2. A lot of ready-made thematic templates.

3. The convenience of the control panel and a pleasant interface.

4. Self-archiving of a web-site (backup).

5. You can order the creation of a turnkey website by their specialists (for an additional fee).


Website builder Wix


Wix - currently has more than 50 million active users worldwide. The service attracts pragmatists and ordinary users who want to achieve high-quality results with minimal time. There are very detailed hints everywhere.

Dozens of high-quality ready-made HTML5 templates are offered, divided into thematic groups. You can create a turnkey website from scratch using the proposed elements, blocks, forms.

The service provides a third-level domain for free. You can connect your own domain name to the project only by becoming a premium subscriber, paying decent money (payment is accepted monthly or for a year).


Wix has the following strengths:


1. A large selection of beautiful templates.

2. The control panel has a user-friendly interface.

3. The visual editor is full of useful options.

4. Using drag & drop technology, which allows you to drag and place individual elements in any places on the web-page.

5. Placement of video- and audio-materials.


Site builder Setup


Setup - has a simple interface and an intuitive editing system. The templates are divided into groups on various topics. Everything is clear and accessible, but the overall impression is greatly spoiled by primitive design themes that are almost impossible to customize. Projects developed on this engine will look outdated and not fashionable. The service has a simplified visual editor and serious functional limitations of the free tariff.


Advantages of the Setup constructor:


1. Easy-to-understand and work interface.

2. The affordable cost of tariff plans. Availability of the "Eternal" tariff.

3. The ability to connect your own domain on the free-tariff.

4. The permissibility of creating a "normal" web-site or Landing Page.

5. You can place elements with Html-code on the project pages.


Site builder LPgenerator


LPgenerator is a highly specialized and expensive tool for creating single-page websites (business cards, landing pages, landing pages).

The built-in WYSIWYG editor provides users with a wide range of functionality without the need for deep knowledge in web programming, HTML, CSS.

There are various ways to purchase and connect a domain to the site. All files are stored on Amazon hosting, which guarantees round-the-clock availability to them.

There are four tariff plans, however, all of them are not cheap.


Advantages of the LPgenerator service:


1. Seventy ready-made templates, divided into thematic categories.

2. Twenty design themes for FaceBook (for promoting products/services in the social network).

3. Thirty designs for effective conversion of mobile traffic.

4. A practical visual editor.

5. Many built-in tools for optimizing conversions, collecting and analyzing traffic statistics.

6. Expanding the functionality of the platform by adding third-party applications.

7. The possibility of ordering the development of a unique turnkey design site, taking into account your requirements and wishes (the service is paid).


Website builder uCoz


uCoz - appeared in 2005, and during this time the community of its fans has become the largest. A significant part of the new users of the platform are those who have decided not just to make a website for themselves, but also to grow with it, mastering new frontiers of the site-building industry.

The free templates offered are not interesting and look frankly unpretentious. But for a small fee, you can easily find design themes made at a professional level on the internet.

This engine is initially endowed with strong functionality. It can be divided into tools for beginners and experienced webmasters. Advanced users can work with HTML, CSS, PHP.


Strengths of uCoz:


1. Universality is a web-constructor for everyone.

2. Built-in template store.

3. Low prices for tariffs.

4. Modular system – you can independently choose which functionality will be active.

5. Editing the Html-code of modules and pages, support for PHP scripts.


Other services that are tools for designing sites:


Thus, if you are "eager" to try yourself as a webmaster and plan to make a site yourself from scratch, then the list of web-designers for the realization of your dream looks impressive.

The choice is yours! Advice is unnecessary, because no one ever listens to them!

Everyone is looking for their own "rake"!


I have tested several web-designers in great detail.

Based on the results of this work, review articles were written and published, and the services studied were rated (on a five-point scale):


Site builder

My rating















There are a lot of tools for self-designing web sites online. Try study and decide personally which one to use. Most of the positive reviews on the internet are "advertising lies", in order to sell the product. There are very few really good website designers.


Parameters that you should pay special attention to when testing the web designer:


• what protocol will the made site work on (Https - protected, Http - not protected);

• working with text content (font type, size and color, formatting, width alignment, indentation at the beginning of a paragraph (red line), the ability to transfer ready-made texts from MS Word, placement of hyperlinks);

• placement of tables typed in MS Word;

• publishing images (Alt-tag, scaling);

• seo-settings (URL, Title, Description);

• title and subheadings (tags H1-H6, font size and type, color selection);

• the ability to make changes to the Html-code of pages;

• confirm the rights to the web-site tools search engines the Webmaster-Yandex and Webmaster-Google.

Popular site builders