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Overview of the builder sites Jimdo

Jimdo websites builder is a service for creating web-projects online. It is a functional and detailed German product, with which you can, without having knowledge of web-programming, make a site yourself and manage it in any browser.

Today, the Jimdo designer already has a solid audience. So, users have developed more than 15 million projects. The company employs 200 people, and offices are open in many countries.

In the Jimdo constructor, you can create a website of any format: from a business card to a corporate project. And its functionality is fully revealed when developing an online store.




Initially, the user is offered a choice of 40 ready-made templates filled with demo data on various topics. As in any other similar services, it is stated that there are a lot of ready-made themes (more than 150), but in fact there are 40 of them, and the rest are their color variations with a changed name, text, pictures.

The templates are divided into categories: personal blog, portfolio, business, store. Most of the design themes are beautiful, if necessary, they allow you to change the color palette, background, font, insert or remove individual blocks, customize their appearance. The more expensive the tariff plan, the more designs are available for use. In addition, with the increase in the cost of the tariff, the proposed templates are more elaborated.

After choosing the design you like, you can use one of its variations (as a rule, these are 5 options with different color design). By choosing a template, you get a rigid "skeleton of the site" (its appearance) with three unchangeable elements: the overall design, the location of the header and the menu. Everything else can be changed at your discretion.

The Jimdo service has the ability to place any proposed blocks on each page of the project, which allows you to make a website with an individual and unique design. In addition, if you are familiar with web-programming languages, you can upload your template, or correct the already selected one - through the HTML and CSS editor. All presented design themes have adaptive versions for any screen size of a mobile device.

Thus, the user has a wide scope when working with the appearance of the site he is developing.

However, it should be noted that in the pursuit of fashionable modern trends, beautiful classic-looking templates are becoming a thing of the past, and their place is taken by themes that you don't always want to use for your project.




The control panel of the Jimdo designer is carefully thought out and convenient. Everything works on a clear visual editor and drag & drop is widely used, that is, dragging objects with a computer mouse.

All standard functions are present: general settings, style, adding pages, domain management, SEO-parameters. The designer has everything you need to develop: a business card, a blog, an information project, an online store.

One mouse click, and in a separate window you will be offered options for what can be placed on the page. It is impossible to get confused, the service will tell you the ideas for filling the sections of the project itself.

You can add to the created page: text, picture, gallery, table, map, column separator (up to 6 pieces), horizontal separator (any height), button, product, download file, video file, html-code, form and social network buttons.

In Jimdo, it is very easy to change the structure of a single page. Click the mouse anywhere and move the blocks, make changes to their contents.

It should be noted that import of product data from tabular files is available. When developing a store, this feature will be very useful. It makes it possible to fill storefronts in automatic mode, the main thing is to correctly prepare a tabular CSV-file. You can customize the size of discounts, delivery and payment methods, the cost of goods, and create order forms yourself. The store is easily configured for the convenience of its visitors.

A significant positive point is that at any time you can switch to another template, thereby completely updating the design of the site. However, there is one important nuance - if the texts before being placed on the project pages were formatted not in the text editor of the designer, but, for example, in MS Word, and were transferred by copying, then when switching to another template, the formatting settings of all texts (font type and size, its color, line spacing) will be lost. Therefore, if you plan to periodically change the design theme, then you will have to format the published materials only in the text editor of the designer.

In general, the functionality of the Jimdo site design tool is very good: a high level of usability, html-code editing, a powerful store, mobile version, statistics, SEO, mail.


The cost of tariff plans


The Jimdo constructor is quite expensive, but everything good costs money. This reduces its competitiveness, because many "consumers" prioritize only the price of the product, and not its quality and practicality. This is inherent in the majority - "everything, at once and preferably for free".


Jimdo service offers three tariff plans:


Free - 500 MB of file space, 2 GB bandwidth, SEO parameters only for the main page, you cannot attach your domain name (you can only use a subdomain), the presence of advertising. In the Free tariff, most of the functionality is not available, but it is quite enough to get acquainted with the designer's capabilities in detail.


Pro (4.800 rubles per year) – 5 GB of server space, 10 GB bandwidth, the ability to connect your own domain, SEO-settings for all pages, a storefront of up to 15 items, technical support, no advertising of the service.


Business (9.600 rubles per year) – 10 GB on a hosting server, unlimited network traffic, connection of two domain names, advanced SEO-parameters, redirect, development of an online store with full functionality and an unlimited number of products on display.




The tools for internal site optimization are presented with a standard set of options for this type of platform, these are: SEO-parameters, redirect, file editing sitemap.xml, robots.txt, self-writing URLs for pages. For most users this will be enough to promote your website in the TOP 30 search results Yandex and Google.

The content management system does not limit the developer's website: to design, publish texts and images, linking to articles, to purchase an external reference, it can be integrated in the social network, organize advertising (for example, Yandex-Direct or Google-AdWords), to collect and analyze statistical data.

There are no problems with the promotion of the site. Everything works exactly the same here as in most other similar services.


Connecting the domain to the site


The created project will initially be assigned a domain name of the 3rd level (subdomain) of the type where, zzz - is the name you specify when registering. Please note that it will not be possible to change it to another in the future.

If you initially plan to make a five-page website and are not going to promote it in the search, then you have an interesting option. The developed site can be fully used on a free tariff (for example,, without paying for hosting and buying a second-level domain. You will only have to, if necessary, issue contextual advertising and develop your business through advertising.

If you want to go the standard way, and you need a full-fledged site, then you will have to buy a domain name from a registrar and pay for a tariff plan (Pro or Business).

Perhaps you will be offered a gift (when paying any tariff) - a domain. However, I strongly recommend that you refuse the present. By purchasing a domain name from an official Russian domain registrar (for example, WebNames, Nic, Reg), you will always have the opportunity to create a new project in another website builder, and reconnect your existing domain to it without any problems. You should know that the most valuable thing for any website is the domain name and its history. The "older" the domain, the better, provided that it has an impeccable reputation.


To connect a domain to a site, you need to register the appropriate DNS servers in its settings. This is done in your personal account on the domain name registrar's resource:





Advantages of the builder sites Jimdo:


1. Excellent functionality.

2. Easy to use for untrained users.

3. A nice visual editor that allows you to work out the project being created in detail.

4. A large set of blocks for creating a website with a unique design.

5. The developed site will work on the secure Https protocol (supports encryption, in order to increase the security of transmitted data).

6. A powerful built-in text editor is the best among all competitors. When placing ready-made texts with tables on the project pages (for example, typed in MS Word), their formatting is completely preserved (type, color and font size, red line, line spacing, text alignment in width, hyperlinks, tabular forms).

7. The ability to add and edit your own template.

8. The permissibility of making changes to the HTML code.

9. A good set of modules for the development of a large online store.

10. The ability to fully use the constructor on a free tariff (with restrictions on functionality).


Disadvantages of the builder sites Jimdo:


1. There are few "spectacular" design themes that I would like to use for project development (no more than 10 pieces, the rest are "for the amateur").

2. The absence of classic-looking variants among the proposed templates (there were many of them in the previous version).

3. When replacing the design theme on a completed project, the originally set font settings (type, size) may be violated.

4. Full functionality is available only on the Business tariff.




The Jimdo websites builder is recommended for those who do not plan to become an expert in web programming, are not looking for cheap or even free options (for example, WordPress and Joomla site management systems, when working with which you need to have nerves of steel), but are ready to spend money and get a very high-quality and detailed website design service at their disposal.

In Jimdo, you can make a site yourself in a few days, and if you have the imagination and skills to draw beautiful pictures, then it will have a unique design. Any ready-made template can be significantly modified using a large set of suggested blocks, as well as changing the style of individual elements (color, background, transparency, font size and type).

It should be noted that even a schoolboy can cope with the task of developing a project, everything is so simple, logical and understandable here.

The functionality of the designer is very decent and will please even the discerning user.

It will also be of interest to anyone who plans to independently make a large-scale online store.

Today, Jimdo can be objectively and deservedly ranked as the "best websites builder", and its only worthy competitor is Tilda, but the latter has a very modest built-in text editor with serious, in my opinion, disadvantages (the absence of a red line, it is impossible to align the text in width).

Unfortunately, under the influence of fashionable trends, the service developers began to abandon the classic-looking templates, and, as a result, there were few design themes worthy of attention.


Examples of sites made in the Jimdo constructor: - photographer Daniil Ivanov - metal tank and tank equipment - web-studio Alexander Ivanov's

Overview of the builder sites Jimdo