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Overview of the builder site Mozello

The Mozello website builder - is a simple tool for creating business card sites, online-stores, informational and blogging web-projects.

The developer - is the Latvian private company Blumentals Solutions SIA. This company specializes in the development of computer software and various web-services.

The Mozello website design tool provides each user with the opportunity to create a pretty project for free, spending four hours of working time, without any knowledge in the field of site construction and web-programming.




After registration, you will be asked to choose the type of future project (business, business card, blog and store). Then you will be directed to the gallery of ready-made designs. There are 48 templates in total, which are quite well developed, and some of them look attractive and stylish.


When choosing a design theme, you need to focus on two important points:

1. Design of the upper part of the main page.

2. Presentation and location of the navigation menu.


In the proposed ready-made templates, these positions cannot be changed, and everything else changes easily and completely.

The design chosen initially can always be changed to another one, while all previously posted text and graphic content will remain untouched. Only in some cases it will be necessary to adjust the font and color settings.


You can make the project design unique by changing the following parameters:

color scheme (selection of one of the suggested options or self-adjustment of colors for all elements);

font scheme (choice of 14 options);

background image (we change it ourselves to our own image, and in some templates you can set several at once - they will be displayed as a slideshow).




The visual editor is simple, clear and consists of three sections:

1. Vertical on the left (elements: pages, design, address, settings, view).

2. Horizontal at the bottom right (positions: change the layout of the page, edit the layout).

3. The "+" section built into the text editor (allows you to insert: video, file, map, symbol, HTML code).


It should be noted that individual graphic images are placed on the project pages through a text editor (it has a corresponding icon). You can also use it to insert: a link, a table, HTML code.

This solution is original. A similar method is used in free content management systems, for example, in Joomla. In other constructors, this issue is solved differently.

However, it should be noted that it is inconvenient to work with texts and pictures.

Within the framework of the project being developed, the user can set the type of page to be created: regular with text, capital, special, image gallery, blog, news, form, catalog and store.

For experienced site builders, the Body section is open and those who have paid the Premium or Premium Plus tariff get the opportunity to edit the Head and CSS styles sections.

The developer of the online-store will highly appreciate the "Catalog" tab. Here categories are created, various products with a picture and a detailed description are added to them. The settings are also made immediately: online payments (via money transfers or PayPal), delivery methods, taxation system and choice of payment currency.


Cost of tariffs


The constructor Mozello offers three tariff plans to registered users:


Free (use without payment, but with restrictions).

The user is provided with:

- as the site address, the third-level domain name (;

- use of up to 500 MB of disk space on the hosting-server;

- no more than 10 products "on the shelves" of the store;

- availability of a mobile version;

- display on all pages at the bottom of the advertising link to the service.


Premium (3.600 rubles, subject to payment for a year, the minimum paid period is 3 months).

In addition to the items specified in the "Free" tariff, the following is provided:

- the right to connect your own second-level domain (for example,;

- the amount of disk space used is up to 50 GB;

- ability to upload files up to 100 MB in size;

- placement of up to 100 products in the store;

- the absence of the bottom advertising line "The site was created with Mozello".


Premium Plus (7.200 rubles, when paying for 12 months).

The positions of the Premium tariff plan are supplemented by the following:

- use of unlimited disk space;

- unlimited number of products in the store.




Filling in all meta tags is an integral part of proper site optimization. In the constructor Mozello, the title, description and keywords tags can be prescribed for each page. In addition, the user independently sets the URLs of all pages of the project.


Connecting the domain to the site


Each user project gets a third-level domain by default -, where name - is the name that is specified during registration. You can change it at any time and also choose any domain zone from the 23 offered (for example, ru, com, net, org, me, info). Users who have paid one of the premium tariffs get the opportunity to attach a second-level domain (purchased or gift) to the site.


The user has three options:

1. Use a third-level domain on a free tariff (for example,

2. When choosing a paid tariff plan, get a domain name from them (as a gift, only for the first year, then you will have to pay for it).

3. Pay for any of the two paid tariffs and connect your own domain, which has already been purchased on another resource (for example, from an official registrar).


If you are creating a site not for a quarter, but for years, then I advise you to buy a domain from the official registrar of domain names (for example, WebNames, Nic, Reg), registering it with your passport data. In this case, you do not bind yourself to the Mozello service, and you will always have alternative options. For example, you can create a new project based on another constructor and reconnect your own domain to it.


To connect the domain to the site in the personal account on the registrars service, the following DNS-servers must be specified in the settings:





Advantages of the builder site Mozello:


1. The site management system is primitively simple to work with.

2. There is a full Russian version.

3. A large selection of ready-made templates (48 pieces).

4. The availability of a free tariff, within which you can make a five-page site, and fully use it as an advertising tool. Only need to draw on contextual advertising Yandex-Direct or Google-AdWords.

5. Acceptable cost of paid tariff plans.

6. The ability to work with HTML-code.

7. The title and subheadings in the text can be independently highlighted with H1-H6 tags.

8. For published graphic images, it is allowed to manually fill in the position - name (ALT tag).

9. The feasibility of placement through a text editor of ready-made tables.

10. The presence of the "View" option - you can always take a quick look at what happened.

11. The mailbox of a registered free user is not "flooded" with letters with an insistent demand to switch to a paid tariff.


Disadvantages of the builder site Mozello:


1. The visual editor has a meager set of options. In addition: it is impossible to create and place buttons, large intervals between blocks (their height does not change), there is no "up" button.

2. The text editor looks powerful, but in fact it is very weak and has many serious flaws.

3. When publishing ready-made texts on the project pages (for example, typed in MS Word), their formatting "breaks" (font size and color, red line, width alignment). Double intervals are placed between paragraphs, which cannot be changed!

4. Problematic placement of graphic images and single images can be inserted only through a text editor.

5. There is no "slideshow" element for publishing a group of images.

6. A very modest library of ready-made blocks.

7. To publish the site you have made, you need to specify a mobile phone number and confirm this operation with the received SMS code.

8. Using free rate is not in the services of a Webmaster-Yandex and Webmaster-Google verify on your site. In addition, the Head section is unavailable.




In general, I liked the builder website Mozello. A simple tool for self-construction of simple sites with minimal time and money. However, the convenience of working with impressive amounts of textual information and a large number of graphic images is not implemented. Therefore, the constructor Mozello is not suitable for the development of serious multi-page projects. It will also not suit individuals with design and creative ambitions. The developer of the project is very much squeezed into the narrow framework of the initially modest capabilities of this service. There are few ready-made blocks and they are primitive. There are no options for their complex combination.

The main users of this service will be individual private entrepreneurs, students and housewives. Women, especially blondes, should definitely like him.

For those who are planning to make a serious, individual and multi-page website, I would recommend turning their attention to such constructors as: Tilda, Jimdo and Vigbo.

Overview of the builder site Mozello