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Rules for preparing the terms of reference for writing an article for the site and placing an order on the content exchange

Text is the most valuable thing on the site, but also the most expensive and difficult to work with.

When organizing such a process as site promotion, it is necessary to pay special attention to text content, as one of the main elements in achieving success. Website promotion using texts involves placing them not only directly on your resource, but also publishing articles on third-party sites, with the inclusion of contextual links to the promoted project in their structure. If the hyperlink has an anchor, then it focuses the attention of visitors on this footnote, promotes clicking on it and going to the website. A big plus is if the portals for posting articles are close in subject matter to the advertised resource.


If you decide to order an article for a site on the content exchange, then you should take into account several important points:


• The quality of the text. It should be well-structured and well-developed material, with high uniqueness, written specifically for the target audience. Mistakes that are so relevant to the conversational style are unacceptable here.


• The optimal size of the article and its structure. It should be borne in mind that reading overly voluminous documents is a very tedious task, as well as written in the form of a "sheet". The article should be as compact as possible, informative and divided into sections with subheadings, with a detailed study of all the essential points. In this case, the material will be easy to read for every visitor who decides to get acquainted with its content. And if this text is published on a third-party resource, then most likely the reader will want to follow the dedicated link to your site for studying and other similar articles.


• The reliability of the material, which in addition to the thematic study should be unique and relevant. If this applies to any technological equipment, it is important to present its latest and up-to-date technical characteristics. If we are talking about the services provided by the company, then it is necessary to describe them in detail, showing all the key features, as well as specifying the list of benefits received, in the case of placing an order.


• Thematic correspondence of the text with the resources where it is planned to be published for the purpose of advertising your site.

It will be very difficult to attract targeted visitors to a web project, through which, for example, antiques are sold, by posting texts on this topic on resources that specialize in providing veterinary services to pets. In this case, the visitors of the website of vitellus not even going to read the materials on antiques - all your efforts and costs will be in vain.


Where can I order an article for the site?


In order not to waste time in vain, you need to order articles from a professional copywriter, whose job is to write high-quality and unique content for a fee (or with the condition of the subsequent sale of copyright to the article). It is noteworthy that an experienced copywriter is a fairly versatile employee who can prepare any text content, starting from a simple announcement about the provision of any services, ending with poetry. However, it is important to take into account such a feature of the ordered materials as their high cost. To order an article for a good quality website, you will need to pay between 100 and 150 rubles for 1000 characters, without taking into account spaces. The total number of characters in the text may vary. Up to 2500 characters - if you need to complete a description of a product, 6000-9000 characters when it comes to a general presentation of the services offered or an information article on a specific topic.

If there is no professional copywriter among your friends, then you can easily order an article on the content exchange, where your order will be taken by a free performer within a short period of time. A tender will be held, during which you will choose the best among the copywriters, taking into account their rating and the number of works performed by them.

So that you end up with an excellent seo-optimized text, and the performer can successfully cope with the task, you need to prepare a competent and detailed technical task for writing an article for the site (below is a sample). This will reduce the order execution time and eliminate possible subsequent modifications.

In addition, it is desirable to provide the copywriter with the version of the style of presentation that is most acceptable and relevant for you as a customer.


Features of preparing text content, or what an article should be for effective website promotion


It is important to order an article for a website taking into account certain requirements, which can be reduced to the following:


• The uniqueness of the text. The most important parameter that search engine robots pay special attention to when indexing and ranking web pages. Articles with low uniqueness are considered copy-paste, in other words, copied from other sites, or partially processed. Such materials will not bring a positive effect, in addition, their informative content will lose its relevance over time.


• Literacy, without which it is simply impossible to count on success, because the first thing that will catch the reader's eye is the author's lack of education.


• Informative content. The material should reflect in detail the whole essence of the issue, ensuring that the user receives all the necessary information for the search query.


• The volume of the document should be sufficient and not excessive for any reader, so that he can study it quickly, getting as much useful information on the subject of interest.


• Academic nausea. A parameter that determines the number of mentions of the same words in the text. Excessive use of the same or similar phrases does not adorn the text, but only causes disdain for it when reading.


• Stop words. Their use in the article should be the least (up to 3.8%). These include: «and», «b» and a number of others.


• "Water content" - a parameter that shows the amount of unnecessary information in the text, sometimes just unnecessary. This indicator must be kept at a minimum level, but it is impossible to completely exclude "water", otherwise the material will simply be unreadable.


Thus, the promotion of the site with articles will allow you to achieve high results in the shortest possible time, it is important only to approach the implementation of the necessary measures with knowledge.





Terms of reference

for writing an article for the site


The subject of the project is the creation, maintenance, promotion, advertising and audit of websites


The URL of the resource for which the material is being ordered -


Topic of the article - Rules for writing content


Basic requirements for the ordered text:


- the article is purely informational (what to write and how to reveal the topic you decide on your own);


- written for people;


- divided into sections with subheadings (4-6 pieces), which are highlighted in bold;


- if possible, important keywords are used in the subheadings (indicated at the top of the attached list);


- the volume of the material - 6000-7000 characters (excluding spaces);


- writing method - copywriting;


- cost - 100 rubles per 1000 characters (not including spaces);


- the presence in the article of fragments of text processed by the rewriting method should be a total of no more than 25% and less than 8% from one resource;


- in each individual sentence, the same words should not be used (use synonyms);


- you cannot use excerpts of the text already published on the pages of the site for which the article is ordered, including those processed by rewriting;


- the key words should be inserted in the material in a harmonious way (indicated below);


- the uniqueness of the text is not less than 94%;


- SEO parameters should be as follows:

- the frequency of identical words does not exceed - 2.5%;

- academic nausea of the document is less - 7.5%;

- the number of stop words less than - 3.5%;


- the last section (no more than 2-3 paragraphs) should be devoted to advertising the company, its services/products/products sold (if this is appropriate in this case);


- before submitting the finished article to the customer, the contractor is obliged to subtract it and, if necessary, correct it (it will not be sent for revision, either the author writes initially with high quality and receives remuneration, or remains without paying for the cost of his time);


- the order completion time is 4 days.


Keywords for embedding in an article:


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... another 4-6 phrases (no more than)

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