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Microsoft OutLook is no longer secure

Microsoft OutLook is no longer secure

In early April 2019, Microsoft issued an alarming message stating that in the period from January 1 to March 28, 2019, due to a technical error on their OutLook service, access to the email accounts of registered users was opened. In particular, Microsoft reported that due to the hacker attack, the attackers had long-term unauthorized access to the accounts of individual users.

Representatives of Microsoft Corporation initially assured that there was nothing threatening for the data of registered users, but now new details are coming to light that indicate the opposite.

Despite the fact that the personal information of users was allegedly not affected, the company still recommends changing your email access password. Today, it can be openly stated that this is not the first time that the registration data of people from all over the world are in the hands of intruders.

The source of information said that mainly only free user accounts were affected, while corporate paid ones were not. The hacking was carried out by obtaining the username and password of one of the representatives of the technical support of the MS OutLook service.


That is why the web-studio of Alexander Ivanov, which is engaged in the administration of customer sites, has not been using the OutLook and Rambler mail services for a long time (it sins with a huge stream of mail spam), but only reliable ones - Yandex and Mail.


Microsoft OutLook is a personalized email client information manager for working with email.

It is also a full-fledged organizer that provides functions: a notebook, a task scheduler, a contact manager and a calendar. And in addition, it allows you to track work with MS Office package documents.


All registered persons have access to the taskbar, which displays the following functions:

creating, pinning, and deleting an event;

go to the chat;

output files to the cloud;

file sharing with other users;

move the selected files to the archive;

familiarization with the weather forecast.