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Methods of website promotion

You have created a website on your own or for you to order, but no one else knows about it yet. Your task is to "push" it into the internet and make it work. In order for your web project to "float from the bottom of the internet-ocean, and be closer to the surface, where the water is clean and clear", you need to spend a lot of effort, time and money. And only then, users of the world wide web in the vast expanses of virtual space among billions of resources will find an interesting site for them, and it will be yours.


Methods of website promotion can be divided into two main areas:


Offline website promotion


This is the promotion of the site in ways that are not directly related to the internet. These include: advertising in the media, outdoor advertising on the streets and in transport, production and distribution of advertising leaflets, booklets and souvenirs with the logo and URL of the site. It is difficult to judge how effective this option is, since much depends on the scale of the events and financial investments. With a small budget, the result will be almost zero.

Thus, if the site has a specific thematic focus and is designed for a large audience, then this method is not suitable for its promotion.


Online website promotion


This promotion, in turn, has several variations. If you do not take into account the "black" methods, such as: cheating behavioral factors, quick purchase of a large number of external links, re - optimization of texts, then there are two main directions in online promotion.


The first promotion of the website in search engines by internal optimization and improve its positions in search results Yandex and Google for certain queries. This direction is also called SEO-optimization - it is complex, requires serious effort from the optimizer and constant monitoring. Frequent changes by search engines of their algorithms for calculating the relevance of web-pages, the imposition of various filters, pessimization, forced exclusion from the search results for violating the rules, constant struggle with competitors. All this requires deep knowledge, a good response to changes in the situation, making competent and timely decisions. This struggle reaches a special intensity in highly competitive requests. The budget for promoting a web project for such targeted queries to the first positions in the search results reaches hundreds of thousands of rubles per month.

The main focus in the optimization and promotion of web-site is on search engines Yandex and Google. There are other search engines, such as Mail, Rambler, Yahoo, Bing, but the traffic in them is disproportionately lower.


The second is visual-click promotion or banner advertising. On advertising platforms, the advertiser places a contextual link to his project or an advertising banner (graphic image) on a paid basis. If the site has a large attendance and its subject is close to the promoted resource, then contextual or banner advertising will be effective. The effectiveness of advertising is determined by the clickability indicator CTR (the ratio of the number of clicks on an ad/banner to the total number of its impressions).


You can also get certain traffic to the site from various rating resources and directories. Currently, there are a lot of them, but only a few of them are really effective. The most powerful traffic sources are usually search engine services (for example, the Yandex catalog).


In conclusion, it should be noted that any website owner wants to have a lot of visitors on it every day, but not everyone clearly understands how hard it is to promote the site, and how much knowledge is needed to achieve high results in solving this issue. Unable to withstand the strain or wanting to force events, individual owners of web-projects or their administrators, resort to "black" methods of optimization and promotion. It is up to you to decide whether to do this. I will only note that these events do not give serious positive results, and the probability of bringing the resource or its individual pages under the search engine filters or even getting a "ban" is very high. Then it will be much harder to solve these problems than to act initially according to the rules.

Methods of website promotion