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Income of cybernetic criminals

Income of cybernetic criminals

Disappointing forecasts indicate that by the beginning of 2021, persons committing crimes in the field of high technology will cause damage totaling $ 6 trillion per year. This will be twice as much as in 2015. According to the report compiled by «Xopero», a company engaged in the development of software products for providing comprehensive protection of confidential files, backup and recovery of information, which is one of the participants of the ESET Technology Alliance project, new threats are emerging related to the development of cloud services and mobile Internet gadgets. Today, the biggest dangers are computer viruses and the human factor.

It is assumed that by 2021, more than 80% of failures will occur as a result of errors of maintenance personnel. This is due to the fact that the control systems for data stored on cloud servers are not sufficiently perfect. In turn, the most dangerous attacks should be considered those that use malicious encryption programs. In 2019, attacks by viruses of this type will occur every 16 seconds. According to experts, hacker attacks will become more sophisticated, and cybercriminals themselves will become more professional.

The development of the 5G network is also associated with the emergence of new threats. The high-speed 5G network will be used in the implementation of smart city projects using Internet of Things devices. The main problem here is DDos-attacks, as well as the risk that criminals will gain full control over electronic devices connected to the network. Mobile phones and other gadgets constantly register information about where we work and live, what purchases we make and how often.

According to Gartner's forecasts, based on serious analytical research, in 2019, global spending on information security will increase to $ 130 million. Artificial intelligence algorithms using machine learning can become our ally in the fight against crimes committed on the Internet. Thanks to artificial intelligence, antivirus programs will be able to detect vulnerabilities and security patterns faster. But, unfortunately, such technologies are also used by cybernetic criminals, who adapt very quickly to changing conditions.

One of the best security packages for today, undoubtedly, is Norton 360 (developed by Symantec, includes: antivirus, firewall, phishing protection), which is used on their computers by the web-studio of Alexander Ivanov for site development. As a result, it provides complete protection against hacker attacks and viruses of all types.


Cybercrime is any illegal activity where the object as a target or tool is a computer or any network gadget.

One of the types of such crimes is financially oriented acts.

Most cybercriminals use the Internet or networks for the purpose of obtaining commercial benefits, carrying out the following types of attacks:



financial fraud.


The most common ways that Internet scammers use:

organization and execution of DDos-attacks;

application of malware;

a combination of malicious code and social engineering (one of the well - known forms is phishing);

distribution of illegal content, harassment.