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Improvement of the site

Website completion is an important service that is needed by almost all owners of online projects without exception. Even if the resource was initially handled by professionals, then over time its design becomes outdated, CMS, plugins, modules, text and graphic content require updating.

The web-studio of Alexander Ivanov provides services for the completion of the site with a full range of related activities: from redesign to seo optimization.


Why do I need to refine the site


Any project requires support, regardless of what market segment it operates in. Offline business needs regular reporting, analytics, and service quality improvement. Online projects, for their successful functioning, need to be constantly updated and developed, acquire external links from highly ranked and visited sites. After all, time moves rapidly - thousands of new resources appear on the Internet every day.

It is easy to check what will happen if you fall behind the leading trends. You can conduct such an experiment: create a successful site and then not engage in it for more than two years. And after the specified time, re-create your own impression of him. I am sure that you will be extremely dissatisfied with the result. At a minimum, the site pages that you have painstakingly worked on will disappear from the search engine results. As a maximum - Google and Yandex will not exclude them from the index, subject to the availability of outdated and irrelevant information. And usability will not please you: the resource will not look aesthetically pleasing, the menu will become inconvenient, even the font that you once chose yourself will suddenly turn out to be too small. All due to the fact that the version of the website is outdated, and the template that previously seemed stylish has long since sunk into oblivion.

The need to improve the site is especially acute in online stores. One wrong decision can cost you large sums of money. After all, it is so unpleasant when you create a universal luxury store, think over every little thing, but everything turns out to be in vain because the "buy" button is not highlighted on the general background! Moreover, it has the name "add to cart". According to statistics, visitors click on the button with the absolutely clear word "buy" more often than on the nondescript inscription "add to cart". And the old generation does not even associate the "basket" with purchases. Yes, this nuance is gradually fading into the background, and in a few years it will clearly crumble under the yoke of time. But you need a profit now!


Is everything ok with the resource: checklist


Let's say that i have given convincing arguments, and you decided that you need to finalize the site.

But is this really the case?


Check your web project using the following checklist:


• pages load quickly;

• each image/photo has a description (ALT-tag), is optimized (compressed in size) and is displayed correctly in the mobile version;

• the texts are structured, easy to read, divided into logical sections with highlighted subheadings;

• at the beginning of the articles there is a table of contents with the names of the sections;

• the menu is conveniently located, helps to understand the contents of the web-site;

• design and fonts do not cause a desire to leave the resource, on the contrary, they provoke genuine interest;

• the button with a subscription offer or other action (purchase, go to the catalog, get acquainted with the company or its advantages) is located in a prominent place (usually at the top right);

• there are dynamic elements: a slider; text blocks that appear; thumbnails that open when you click;

• in the header or basement there are icons-links to social networks;

• the sidebar is occupied with useful options related to the activities of the web-portal;

• the search bar is easily found;

• there are significantly fewer ads than informational content;

• meta-tags are spelled out correctly;

• the seo-parameters of the pages are filled in.


I will immediately note that these are not all the parameters of a successful internet project. I have collected in one list only universal ones that are suitable for almost everyone. Therefore, if you have not found your web-resource in at least one of the listed items, it is obvious that you need to finalize the site.


Advantages of the Alexander Ivanov web-studio


Alexander Ivanov web-studio is the choice of those who appreciate the perfect price-quality ratio. I put my soul and many years of experience into every project, but I think it is not right to set sky-high prices. Believe me, most of the services involved in the creation, maintenance and promotion of sites voice numbers that have been repeatedly multiplied before.


Cooperating with me, in addition to the favorable price, you will get:


• updating the CMS-platform used to the latest version or transferring all content to a new engine (Tilda, Jimdo, GoPhotoWeb, OpenCart, NetCat, 1C Bitrix);

consultation of a specialist who is used to meticulously analyze every detail;

• improvement of the site design to the kind that would suit you 100%;

• strict compliance with the agreed terms of work;

• additional services, including: search engine promotion, optimization, content, support and advertising of your online project.


Thanks to the accumulated experience, i quickly delve into the essence of the issue, find the optimal solution, and then implement it until i achieve the desired result. Therefore, i am convinced that our cooperation is guaranteed to benefit both sides.


The cost of updating the site


You will never find the exact price of such a service as web-site completion in the price lists of web-studios. It is calculated individually, because the tasks for each project are different. Sometimes it is enough to update the template and several plugins, and often you cannot do without a total cleaning of the HTML-code and "moving" to a new CMS.

Before ordering a service, decide on your budget and your wishes. And also be prepared for the fact that our views on the functionality, design, usability of the web-site may differ significantly. Of course, by default, the client is always right, but professionals try to do everything efficiently and bring the site to the ideal.

I am always ready to provide assistance in the development, maintenance, content and promotion of the site. Each stage is a separate step, which I do confidently, naturally, guided by the wishes of the client.

Let's turn your web project into a modern and elegant one that will have a lot of visitors every day, and even without paid advertising.

Write to me or order a call right now, and we will start a fruitful cooperation!

Improvement of the site