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Free and paid external incoming links to the site

One of the most effective elements of website promotion is the purchase of external incoming links from other resources.

An external link is an anchor or non - anchor footnote from another website to your site that forms the link profile of your site.


Links are divided into the following types:

• incoming;

• outbox;

• external;

• internal;

• anchors;

• unencumbered;

• commercial;

• nonprofit;

• eternal;

• temporary;

• rent;

• forum;

• article;

• purchase;

• acquired;

• paid;

• free.


From the above list, this article will only consider in detail: free and paid.

A web link from a third-party resource can be obtained in a variety of ways – from posting a note on a social network to buying it on a special link exchange. Each of the available options has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, buying a link for free, you are faced with the need to spend a lot of effort and time. On the other hand, it is quite easy to buy it, but this is a significant financial expense.


Free links


Hyperlinks can be obtained free of charge, but for this, as a rule, the website must publish really useful and high-quality content. Unfortunately, not all projects can be proud of their content (texts, pictures, photos, videos).

If a web developer or resource owner does not want to invest money in solving this issue, then they will have to spend a lot of their time.


From which donor sites you can get free links:

• site directories (by registering and posting information about your project);

• bulletin boards (posting ads);

• social services, blogs and forums (creating thematic groups, accounts, pages);

• RSS feed services (by subscribing to the newsletter);

• resources that publish other people's articles and press releases (placing their own materials on them);

• web-sites with similar topics (by exchanging footnotes with them);

• rating services (by registering and placing traffic counters).


These activities will require a significant amount of time, and the work will not end there. In order to support web pages with hyperlinks, you will need to: communicate with the audience, share interesting content, and always be in touch. To resolve all these issues, you may need to involve an assistant. You should also keep in mind that such services usually require the placement of an outgoing (reverse) link.


Paid links


From the statements of search engine specialists, we can conclude that the purchase of paid links is not prohibited by the rules of search engines, and today it is one of the most effective promotion tools. That is why most of the budget allocated for website promotion is usually spent on purchasing links.

Currently, to simplify the process of buying and selling links, enterprising people are creating specialized link exchanges.


Link exchanges are divided into two categories:

• with one-time payment (offering perpetual/permanent hyperlinks);

• with payment for a certain period of time (implementing temporary or rental links).


If an Internet project is created for many years, it is more profitable to purchase perpetual links, although they are much more expensive than rental ones.


What criteria are used to evaluate the quality of the donor site:

• daily traffic (traffic);

• reference power;

• level of spam from outgoing links;

• the value of the ICS indicator (site quality index);

• record of trust;

• subject matter;

• domain age;

• regionalism of the site;

• speed of preparation and placement of material (articles, notes);

• percentage of index;

• visual impression of the resource;

• total number of pages;

• cost of placing a web link.


However, there are also malicious hyperlinks - spam. Therefore, if you are committed to quality promotion of your project and do not want various sanctions from search engines, then very carefully approach the selection of reference donor sites.

There are services that trade links automatically. You should be careful with such resources, although they save a lot of time and allow you not to go deep into the process itself.

Free and paid links