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Disconnecting Russia from the world Internet

Disconnecting Russia from the Internet

The global Internet infrastructure does not have a central management body. It functions on the condition that all participants act in a coordinated manner and with an eye to others. It ignores the state borders marked on the map. The networked world is connected by advanced technologies, space satellites and a tangle of underwater cables. Many countries use network equipment located far beyond their own borders.

The Internet was introduced in the United States, and now America controls a significant part of the infrastructure that supports it. The United States has long adopted a national cybersecurity strategy, under which they can make it so that Russians will not be able to visit American sites at any time.

In this regard, Russia has also decided to protect itself by creating its own autonomous "runet", which will function only on the territory of the Russian Federation, and in the event of a real cyber threat, it will be immediately disconnected from the world wide web.

This was stated in February 2019 by presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov, explaining that it is only about protective measures, and not about full control over the Internet in Russia.


Russian President Vladimir Putin signed Federal Law No. 90-FZ dated 01.05.2019 "On Amendments to the Federal Law "On Communications"", which will enter into force on November 1, 2019.

In accordance with the requirements of this law:

Russian telecom operators are required to install additional network equipment at the points of traffic exchange within the country and communication lines crossing the border of the Russian Federation at the expense of the state;

traffic exchange between telecom operators should be carried out only through the exchange points being created, which will be entered in a special register;

the scheme of "centralized management" of the runet will be implemented;

access to foreign websites banned in Russia will be restricted;

a "national domain name system" will be created.


According to experts of the Autonomous Non-Profit Organization (ANO) "Digital Economy", the implementation of the law will require an amount of 30 billion rubles, of which 20 will be spent on the purchase of necessary equipment.

Today, individual states are making attempts to strengthen their power over the global network. So Russia wants to "disconnect" from the rest of the world and use its runet. However, it is not so easy to "cut off" yourself from everyone, and there will be many unforeseen consequences.

I am afraid that companies whose business is directly connected with the Internet, and in particular the web-studio of Alexander Ivanov, which creates sites to order, may have serious problems. For example, domains for web projects of customers are purchased from Russian domain name registrars, but hosting, as a rule, is paid for and placed on servers outside of our country, which can lead to limited access of visitors to the sites themselves.