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Copywriting is a technique of writing unique texts containing interesting ideas that do not use thoughts from other sources. Copywriting is the most powerful tool of Internet marketing.

High-quality texts on the pages of the resource form the company's image, increase sales and brand value, help visitors make the necessary decisions, and promote the site.

To become popular, the website must be updated periodically, offering visitors reliable and flawlessly submitted information. It is for this purpose that the copywriter writes beautiful and useful texts: according to a thematic query, the user goes to the resource, is interested in reading, remembers the name of the website or saves it in bookmarks, then, after a while, returns to it again.

Only unique content can attract a modern consumer, making them want to come back to the site, and not the content that is already posted on dozens of other resources. The text that is written to attract visitors should be interesting, competent, and professional. A person is characterized by a desire to learn something new and useful, which will help determine the choice, leave a pleasant impression.

For a commercial project, professional copywriting is a guarantee of successful sales. For a non-commercial site, it is an excuse for the user to return to this resource and recommend it to their friends. Naturally, the effectiveness of text content directly depends on the professionalism of the author who wrote it.


A high-quality text must meet the following criteria:


Readability and literacy

The material should be literate, stylistically correct, and the sentences should be short and easy to read. A certain and reasonable number of keywords should not burden the perception of information, create a tautology.


Well-thought-out structure

Each structural part of the document should contain informative headings and subheadings. If the customer needs a voluminous material (more than 30.000 characters), it is better to split it into several pages. In the case when the topic is very extensive, the best option is a series of articles – a separate page for each direction.


Uniqueness and originality

To check the uniqueness of the content, search engines use special algorithms that cannot be deceived by partial rearrangement of individual words, sentences, paragraphs.


Keyword density

The density (frequency) of key phrases in the article should vary from 2 to 3%. A reasonable option is to entrust the placement of key phrases in the material to an experienced copywriter.


Perfect text size

First of all, the size of the document should be focused on the needs of users – to reveal the given topic as much as possible, to be relevant and informative. Modern search engines easily process text information in 15.000 characters, but you should focus on articles with a volume of 7.000-9.000 characters.


Copywriting is always a compromise solution between various, often opposite things: content and emotionality, advertising and trust in the material, concretization and generalization, the ability to cover as much information as possible and the limited budget of the client.

When writing texts, a professional copywriter relies on his own understanding of the site's subject matter, common sense, experience, and intuition. The basis of unique content is the desire for a real dialogue with the target audience, and not its informational imitation. Only in this case, the website will become popular.


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