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Connecting and configuring the router Pix-Link

As a private web-specialist, I am engaged in the creation, maintenance, search engine promotion and advertising of sites. To do this, I need high-quality and high-speed Internet. Very often in the evenings, when schoolchildren and students living in the neighborhood begin to actively use their Wi-Fi routers, I have problems with the Internet (sometimes the speed drops to 2 Mbit/sec).


My existing conditions are as follows:

1. Router - Apple AirPort Extreme (dual-band 2.4; 5 GHz).

2. Provider - Online

3. The incoming speed paid according to the tariff is 100 Mbit/sec (under ideal conditions, the computer records a maximum of 35 Mbit/sec).

4. The barrier from the router to the computer - is a reinforced concrete wall with a doorway.


In order to change the situation for the better, I decided to purchase and install a repeater (router, repeater, Wi-Fi signal booster) next to the computer.

A repeater is a repeater and signal amplifier designed to expand the coverage area.

Based on the results of a short search on the Internet, I chose an inexpensive Mini Router Pix-Link LV-WR09 and ordered it on Ru.AliExpress.Com .

During the connection of this device, I have compiled detailed instructions for setting up the repeater Pix Link, and I am ready to share it with you.


Before the procedure of connecting and configuring, I recommend rewriting and saving the following data from the back of the device (where the plug is located):

MAC - OOEO205B164B

PIN - 596903303

S/N - 20171197000

Default IP -

Password - admin

Step-by-step instructions for connecting and configuring the router Pix-Link Wireless-N (model: LV-WR09) as a repeater to a home wireless Wi-Fi network:

1. Plug the device into an electrical outlet.


2. From the list of available wireless network connections (in the taskbar at the bottom right), select network => Wireless-N, click the button => Connection

In the window that appears, click on the line => Connect to the network without first installing/configuring it


3. Launch the Internet browser Internet Explorer (in Mozilla or Opera, the page may not load!), type in the address bar => and go to it (by pressing Enter).


4. In the window that appears, in the line => Password, enter the password => admin, click the button => SuBmit

Configuring the router Pix-Link_1

5. From the three vertical icons on the left, select and go => Wizard (WAN Mode: Dynamic IP Address)


6. In the right field, select the position => Wireless Repeater Mode, click => Next

Configuring the router Pix-Link_2

7. From the list of visible networks, select => your current Wi-Fi network, click => Select

Configuring the router Pix-Link_3

In the additional section that appears at the bottom in the line => Repeater ssid specify the name of the new repeater network - for example, Avacym-Repeater (you define the name yourself), and in the => Security item enter the password - the same as for your already existing WiFi network (strictly!), click the button at the bottom => Apply

Configuring the router Pix-Link_4

8. From the list of available wireless networks (taskbar, bottom right), select the newly created => Avacym-Repeater, check the box "Connect automatically", click the button => Connect

Then, in the window that appears, enter the PIN code of the device (the eight-digit number that you copied and saved at the beginning) or select "Connect using the security key" and specify a valid network password.


Attention! If something went wrong and the repeater did not work correctly, then when the appliance is switched on, press the => Reset button located on the right side for two seconds (this can be done with the blunt end of a sewing needle or an unbent paper clip) and repeat all the above steps from the beginning.


In the Operation Mode section, the GateWay, Wireless AP Mode positions are used if the Pix Link device is planned to be used as a router, and WISP - is practically the same repeater option.

Advantages of the router Pix-Link LV-WR09:

1. Made of high-quality plastic.

2. Easy to set up (in 15 minutes).

3. Compact.

4. It is not heated.

5. With a sharp drop in Internet speed indicators, it really helps - you switch to the repeater and continue to work.

6. When connecting the repeater to a computer with a LAN cable (Ethernet), the maximum possible data transfer rate (up to 35 Mbit/sec) is provided.

Disadvantages of the router Pix Link LV WR09:

1. The Internet speed through the repeater is tripled, although the signal level is recorded as "excellent".

2. Computer speakers (powered by a USB port) began to make noises.

3. In fact, it is a useless "toy", since it does not perform its functions!

Router Pix-Link LV-WR09

The main technical characteristics of the router Pix-Link (model LV WR09)


Pix Link

Wi-Fi standards and protocols

802.11ac, 802.11g, 802.11n, 802.11b

Wi-Fi transmission standards


Wi-Fi Supported Frequency

2.4 GHz

Wi-Fi data transfer rate up

до 300 Mbit/sec

Data transfer rate LAN

до 300 Mbit/sec

WAN port

1×10/100 Mbit/sec

LAN port


Supports WPS



AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz



Wireless security

support 64/128 bit WEP, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK, 802.1x



Connecting and configuring the router Pix-Link