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Advantages of contextual advertising

Today, the two most effective tools for attracting visitors to a web resource are contextual advertising and search engine promotion of the site. Many companies use both of these tools in a complex, and someone quite manages with one PR. It is not so difficult to organize an advertising campaign and most will cope with it on their own. It is only necessary to have the desire and the availability of funds. The more significant the amount will be invested, the greater the effect can be expected.


The main advantages of contextual advertising are as follows:


1. It acts instantly.

Ads start working immediately after their registration and payment. If we compare this type of advertising with the search promotion of the site, then in the second case, the customer has to wait quite a long time for the first results.

Not every resource owner will want to wait for targeted visitors for three months, or even six months. Therefore, if you need customers tomorrow, contextual advertising is best suited. It can also be combined with website promotion activities to achieve an optimal result in terms of the cost of attracting customers/clients.


2. It works with a small budget.

Comparing it with other methods of website promotion, contextual advertising is a little more affordable in financial terms. SEO-optimization of a website is like a huge and clumsy machine, which requires a lot of effort, time and money to disperse.

You can also design and launch an advertising campaign even with a budget of 20.000 rubles (immediately note that the value - added tax will be withheld from them - 20%). Moreover, these costs are guaranteed to give visitors to the website. Money (50%) will not be wasted, because this is a guaranteed purchase of the desired result. However, you will still lose another 30% on 1-3 second visits, that is, failures (their main reason is the slow loading speed of the site pages).


3. Attracts the target audience.

Thanks to the flexibility of the ad campaign settings, you can constantly experiment and search for more effective ones: titles, texts, keywords. As a result, when properly configured, ads begin to attract targeted visitors. And this significantly increases the conversion rate of the site.

At the same time, payment is made for clicks, that is, the actual transitions of interested visitors to the site are paid.

Contextual ads can be configured according to various parameters, for example, they can be shown only to people of a certain age category and living in a certain region.


4. It is transparent.

This type of advertising involves the use of standard methods, with the help of which you can easily track all changes, accurately generate a budget and determine the effectiveness of the campaign as a whole. No secrets, pitfalls, force majeure situations and other incomprehensible moments.

But when promoting a website, things are quite different. How to calculate the effectiveness of promotion and find out whether the necessary events are being held?

Website development is a rather complex and changing topic. You can be sure of success only if specialists are engaged in this issue (for example, the web-studio of Alexander Ivanov).

The algorithms of search engines are constantly changing, and it may turn out that the strategy chosen at the beginning is no longer effective enough. Therefore, it is necessary to collect monthly data on the activities of the website, analyze them and make the necessary adjustments to the work on the planned activities.


5. Gives a positive result.

Thanks to contextual advertising, you can quickly achieve your goals. To do this, you just need to learn how to work with this marketing tool and be ready to invest decent money.

Only real transitions to the site (clicks) are paid, and this already implies progress in increasing traffic. You just need to configure the ad to show the target audience and the conversion rate will immediately increase.

And in search engine optimization, everything is somewhat blurry and lengthy. You can't be even 70 percent sure of success. It's not just about constant changes in the algorithms of search systems, but also the competition may not develop according to the scenario as it was supposed at the beginning. Search results are a very changeable and unpredictable environment.

Advantages of contextual advertising