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Advantages of banner advertising

How to properly promote a website and attract maximum visitors to it, who will become your customers/buyers? This question is asked by every sane person working on the virtual expanses of the internet.

Modern business on the internet is developing rapidly, so it is very difficult to occupy a decent niche today. There is always a businessman who has already succeeded in some kind of sales of services or goods, or is going to do it tomorrow.

It must be remembered that no "business" will enter the market and will not be successful without a stable flow of customers who bring profit. That is why you need to actively advertise the site, increasing its competitiveness. The main thing is to properly organize an advertising campaign on the internet and choose the most effective way for this.


Banner advertising - is the placement of graphic or text blocks (banners) on visited resources that carry information about the products, services or sites that they praise. Banners are also placed on various forums, blogs, and social networks.

Today, banner advertising is one of the most popular types of advertising.

Firstly, it performs many functions: it attracts targeted visitors to the website, forms the brand image and increases its awareness.

Secondly, banners are an effective tool not only for website promotion, but also for increasing the flow of customers for projects working offline.


Advantages of banner advertising:


Maximum audience coverage.

The streets of large cities are hung with billboards, which you cannot ignore. The same principle works on the internet – it is enough to place an advertising banner on web sites that have solid traffic. Many visitors will notice an attractive picture, become interested, click on it and follow the link to the advertiser's website.



Starting to work immediately after the launch of the campaign, the banner attracts visitors to the website from the very first minutes. At the same time, it is displayed on the pages of advertising platforms for exactly as long as the customer needs to solve the tasks set. You can change, add, remove or extend the placement of a graphic image (usually animated) at any time.


• A large amount of information.

Technical capabilities allow you to fit a much larger amount of useful information into a small-sized image than in other types of advertising. A banner image can combine various information: photographic, text, audio and video, which, with a competent approach, helps to create not just a bright image, but an exciting mini-movie.


Memorability and recognizability.

Working on the image is one of the key advantages of banner advertising. Thanks to its wide possibilities – animation, interactivity and high quality, it becomes the most recognizable and is associated with a specific product or brand. Thus, it increases the probability that a website visitor will be interested in the product offered and make a purchase, which is the main goal of any PR campaign.


Economic feasibility.

It is much cheaper to order or draw an advertising banner yourself than to develop, print, place and maintain an appropriate outdoor advertising stand. In addition, it is enough to create a banner image once, after which it can be placed anywhere and for any length of time (until it becomes outdated). And the outdoor stand must be ordered separately for each carrier.


Attracting the target audience.

The use of beautiful and animated images makes it possible to attract various categories of target users. The banner can be placed both on sites of general topics, and on resources of a narrow thematic specialization. And outdoor advertising is aimed at everyone without exception, and therefore its effectiveness is much lower.


When do the advantages of an advertising banner work 100%?


Currently, the most popular and effective is banner advertising in the Yandex search engine. Many people use this search engine every day. By placing a banner on the Yandex service, you can count on the maximum effect, expressed in a significant increase in site traffic, and as a result of an increase in sales of goods/services.

However, the advantages of such a site promotion are directly proportional to its disadvantage – too much distribution. Every day there are more and more advertising platforms and banners on them, and, therefore, more and more progressive ways of attracting visitors to the website are required, available only to experienced and competent specialists.

The design and graphics of any visual advertising play a major role in attracting a potential audience. The banner should look bright, stylish and impressive, but not be intrusive and annoying.

That is why it is important to entrust the website promotion exclusively to a professional and then all the advantages of banner advertising will work to increase the traffic to your resource. Otherwise, the funds invested in its promotion will not bring the expected result.

Advantages of banner advertising